A Heartfelt Story from the Road: Meet Stacey

A Heartfelt Story from the Road: Meet Stacey

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We're deeply honoured to share a powerful and inspiring testimonial from one of our incredible supporters, Stacey, a truck driver from Western Australia in his mid-40s. Stacey's journey with TIACS is a testament to the strength and resilience that resides within us all, and we are grateful for his courage in sharing his story.

Recently, we had the privilege of meeting Stacey in person to film his testimonial. Stacey's journey hasn't been easy. Life on the road can be lonely and isolating. It was during one of these tough times that Stacey decided to reach out to TIACS. The support he received made a profound difference in his life.

As he sat down to speak with us, it was clear that he was passionate about getting his message out there. He hopes that by sharing his experience, others who might be in a similar situation will see his story, relate, and consider reaching out for support instead of keeping it bottled up.

Soon after the cameras stopped rolling, Stacey shared a powerful statement that resonated deeply with all of us:

TIACS didn't save my life; I saved my life by reaching out to TIACS.

This profound truth moved us all and highlighted the importance of taking that first step to seek help. Stacey's words are a reminder that while support is available, the courage to reach out and ask for it comes from within.

Stacey's story is a reminder that no one has to go through tough times alone. His willingness to speak up and share his journey is incredibly inspiring, and we hope it encourages others to seek the help they need.

Keep an eye out for Stacey's full testimonial, coming soon. We are honoured to be a part of his story and to support all the amazing individuals who turn to TIACS in their times of need.

Thank you Stacey, for allowing us to share your journey.

Together, we can make a difference.


The TradeMutt and TIACS team.

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