When You Are At A Crossroads, TIACS Has Your Back

When You Are At A Crossroads, TIACS Has Your Back

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We've reached our own crossroads, but's it's flooded...

It's fair to say we (all Australians) have had our fair share of challenges in recent times. Without going into specific detail and listing every single thing that's happened, between natural disasters, a global pandemic, geopolitical unrest around the world and the growing mental health crisis that is bubbling just beneath the surface, we've all been facing our fair share of adversity. However, when the mind wanders towards thoughts of hoping something will come along to wash away all our worries, a flood is not exactly what we had in mind.

Enter Meanjin/Brisbane and our Big Brown Snake. That's right, the amazing city that TradeMutt calls home is built on a marvellous waterway that has been the life blood of this city for generations. The local Jagera and Turrbal people have passed down knowledge from generation to generation about the importance of this great Meanjin/Brisbane waterway and it's pivotal role in supporting an entire ecosystem. However, part of the story of this waterway is that when the rains come down, the river bursts it banks and floods the place.

For the locals, what is sometimes referred to as a once in a hundred year flood actually seems to be a bit more regular than that, maybe more like once in a decade.

At TradeMutt, we understand the impact of extreme weather events and natural disasters. We know that in the event of a flood, the sun doesn't just come out and dry up all the rain. For some of the TradeMutt team and many people up and down the east coast of Australia, power is still out, homes are inaccessible and simple things like a clean set of clothes are out of reach. This is before the clean up has even begun. However, we're a resilient bunch and we know that the community both local and across the country has got each others backs.

This serves as a timely reminder to everyone, there is help out there if and when you are ready. TIACS counsellors are a really great sounding board to support you or anyone you know through testing times, whether dealing with extreme weather events or just extreme life events in general. Although the TIACS team can't make the flood waters go away and help high pressure clean your belongings, they can help by equipping you with tools and strategies to help you handle the emotional burden. TIACS is available for anyone who could do with a yarn - simply call 0488 846 988 or head to TIACS.org.

How can you help now?

1. Give TIACS a call yourself and find out what it's like - that way if you need to refer a friend to TIACS you can speak from real world experience.

2. TradeMutt helps TIACS by selling a range of workwear that starts conversations at a peer to peer level and also funds TIACS as a top tier Alliance partner. Check out our new Crossroads collection and help get the conversation started today.

3. If you're a Brisbane local and you're ready to join the Mud Army 2.0 make sure you wear your TradeMutt and bring some colour to the mud.

4. Save the TIACS number in your phone - you never know when you or someone else might benefit from a chat.

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