Burnout or Balance - Your Choice!

Burnout or Balance - Your Choice!

This week we handed over the reigns to our good mate and psychological therapist Nick Sutherland aka Mr Myndfit. He writes about why men at the age of 40 are most at risk of burnout or breakdown, the importance of finding a healthy balance, and signs to look out for that you might be heading for a burnout.
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G’day Mutters, Nick from MyndFit here. In todays blog I’ll be discussing the following point to help you gain some insight and awareness into a pretty toxic issue amongst men that can be greatly reduced with a bit of understanding: 

  • Why men around the age of 40 are at most risk of a breakdown
  • What happens if we don’t learn to find a healthy balance
  • Signs you’re heading for burnout 

So take a look and see if anything resonates… 

Pushing towards the big 4-0? 

If you’ve heard yourself saying “I don’t have time to go fishing/play golf/catch up for a beer” or whatever it is, then you’re in trouble because what you’re really saying is “It’s not a priority.” And what that means is…you’re not a priority. 

Most blokes 35 – 40 have a lot to juggle. Work, the missus, kids, family, mates, its never ending but if we don’t make time for ourselves then we get lost. 

When that happens, men start attaching their identity to what they do for a living; “I’m a carpenter/mechanic/bartender” etc but those things are what you do, not who you are

The fastest route to burnout is by not finding a healthy balance – working, spending time with loved ones, giving back to others and feeding your soul. 

For whom the bell tolls… 

I was talking to a real estate agent the other day who realised he needs to find a more sustainable way of living because work is literally killing him. 

He came to this realisation after seeing a pattern amongst newly retired men who downsize their homes…they keep dropping dead. 

He’s not the only one I’ve heard this from either, in fact I’ve seen it a few times in my work when blokes around 65 have gotten in touch saying they’re completely lost now that they’ve retired. 

The thing these blokes all have in common is they worked more than 50 hours a week most of their lives. 

“Big deal?” I hear you ask….well it is, because their self worth and identity was so wrapped up in what they did for a crust that when it was no longer there, they had no purpose or sense of self. 

These 65 years olds were once 40 year olds who thought they could burn the candle at both ends and get away with it. 

Danger signs. 

Here are a few tell tale signs that you’re not operating in a sustainable way: 

  • Waking up in the night thinking about work
  • Uncontrollable eye twitch
  • Easily irritated, short fuse, quick to anger
  • Increase in drinking, smoking, gambling, drug use or eating junk food
  • Unable to switch off after work
  • Road rage
  • Feeling overwhelmed, lost or alone
  • Constantly fatigued
  • Disconnecting from people close to you 

The boys have only given me 500 words to try and fit this into so stay tuned for the next article where I’ll go a bit deeper into why we do this and what we can do to prevent unnecessary issues from arising. 

And just remember, burnouts are only good when there’s a car involved.

For more info or to contact Nick directly, head to his website at: https://www.myndfit.com.au/ 

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