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One of the earliest adopters of TradeMutt and our wild concept, Gardel Electrical are the team that is always there when we need them. Whether it is fixing and installing our new fancy LED lights in our new warehouse or featuring in our photoshoots, the Gardell team are a bunch of legends and our first ever BUSINESS OF THE MONTH!


Business: Gardel Electrical
Employees: 20
Location: Brisbane, QLD


Here at Gardel Electrical, our team have been proud supporters of TradeMutt for years. As early adopters of TradeMutt, it did take a bit of courage to wear them in public before they became as common as they are now. Especially when wearing the original, full prints. Our team in the field often had to explain to people what the shirts were about, which wasn’t always easy. But over the past couple of years, we have noticed ourselves slowly becoming more used to talking about mental health, and also being more open with each other about the issues we’re going through. Especially in the last year, this has had a massive impact on our team’s culture and mental health, which has helped the business in so many ways. 

We’ve even had team members ask for a mental health day, which seems like a small thing but is a big change from where we were a few years ago. As a company, this is our story of impact - that we have a culture where employees feel comfortable to ring in and say they need a day to themselves, instead of coming in, not feeling okay and making mistakes that could worsen their state of mind. It goes to show that without much more than a change in workwear, you can break down some huge barriers and improve your team’s health and happiness. 

We have also had so much positive feedback from customers, just by putting ourselves out there and being willing to have these conversations. Wearing TradeMutt shirts has really helped us build stronger relationships with our customers and even our suppliers. 

We support TradeMutt as they make quality workwear which is fun to wear and lasts for ages. TradeMutt also fund the TIACS foundation, which is an excellent service providing qualified mental health support. We would definitely recommend TradeMutt workwear to other businesses - you only have to read what we have said above or chat to one of our team members to see the impact these clothes have had on our business culture and employee morale. If you’re going to don the TradeMutt workwear, just be prepared to have the conversations that may follow and see the positive impact it can have.

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