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It's that time again legends! Announcing our coveted Business of the Month for February 2021...Spaceframe Buildings. Recently we caught up with the team at Spaceframe Buildings and had a chat with the crew about how adopting TradeMutt workshirts as their uniform has impacted their employees, clients and anyone they deal with. 


Business: Spaceframe Buildings
Employees: 50+
Location: Brisbane, QLD


What impact have the TradeMutt shirts had on Spaceframe staff and the overall company culture? 


When a new employee joins Spaceframe Buildings, they are gifted a TradeMutt shirt. Everyone receives a conversation starter. Regardless of their role, mental health impacts everybody. “To be honest when I joined Spaceframe I was in a bit of a weird headspace. If 2020 taught me anything, it is that mental health can affect all of us, including to my surprise, myself. It’s funny how a shirt can have such an impact on a person.. to know that you’re part of something bigger – not just on a company level but as part of a greater societal change – is truly amazing. The TradeMutt gear truly is a conversation starter, and I’m proud to start many more over the years to come.” - Ellie Boys, Brand Co-Ordinator


What impact have the TradeMutt shirts had on your Spaceframe customers? 


“In the 20 years I have been with Spaceframe, I’ve never seen anything that tops the impact that the TradeMutt shirts have had in starting conversations. Change can only occur via participation and a large part of the involves discussion, feedback and sharing experiences for others to learn about. Whilst getting the job done on time and under budget for a client is the top priority, taking the time to just talk to them as people has done great things for both the professional and personal relationships” – Bill O’Flaherty, General Manager


Why does Spaceframe support TradeMutt? (other than the obvious reason being the best work shirts on the market ;) )


“It’s a no brainer for us to support TradeMutt. All the products are of such high quality but most importantly serves a greater purpose and one that is close to my heart. For RUOK day in 2020, it was amazing seeing our whole company united with their TradeMutt gear. This has created a flow on effect across the whole business and team, with staff now more open to saying how they are truly feeling and if they are not okay. By simply saying “I’m having a rough day”, we have noticed that staff are more empathetic, and band together to help support and take care of each other.” – Deb McRae, Payroll / HR


A note from Spaceframe Managing Director...


“Starting the conversation is usually the hardest part. Since integrating TradeMutt gear into our company uniforms and working with our employees to be more aware and understanding of mental health, it has improved the way we interact as a company both internally and externally. I would whole heartly recommend other companies adopt the TradeMutt approach and get their staff kitted out in their gear to start important conversations driving positive social change.” – Jane Raspotnik, Joint Managing Director



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Fancy kitting out your team in TradeMutt?