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Welcome back legends! Back to announcing our highly anticipated Business of the Month for May 2021...The Healthy Tradie Project! We recently chatted to the team over at The Healthy Tradie Project about what impact they have seen since implementing TradeMutt gear on site. 

Business: The Healthy Tradie Project

Location: Canberra, ACT

What impact have the TradeMutt shirts had on your staff and company culture?

We might only be a small team, but we all love our TradeMutt shirts.  Our team step out in their TradeMutt gear every chance they get, whether it’s on site, in the office, to the shops or just working around the farm!

What impact have the TradeMutt shirts had on your customers?

Through our workshops and pre-start movement sessions, we aim to create an environment that supports Tradies in living healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our TradeMutt gear let’s everyone we work with know we are up for having conversations about mental health.  And they work!  Not only are we having plenty of conversations, our customers are jumping on board too!

What stories of impact have come out of your business wearing TradeMutt gear?

Every time we step on site in our TradeMutt gear, someone comments.  I think the first ever comment was something along the lines of “…those people in the jelly bean shirts”.  We’ll take that.  Doesn’t matter how the conversation starts, as long as it starts.  Our TradeMutt gear provides a starting point for what always ends up being a conversation that really matters.

Why does your business support TradeMutt?

Like TradeMutt, we exist to drive much needed social and cultural change to prevent Australian Tradies from becoming statistics to the alarming rates of suicide in the construction industry.  We can think of nothing better than Tradies wearing TradeMutt doing Yoga on construction sites - now that would be A Conversation Starter!

Would you recommend TradeMutt workwear to other businesses and if so why?

Having a conversation about mental health shouldn’t be considered any different to having a yarn about what you are getting up to on the weekend.  The more businesses recognise this, the sooner people will feel comfortable with having the conversation.  If your business wears TradeMutt, you are making the invisible visible by showing every one of your team that you are up for a conversation. 

Fancy kitting your team out in TradeMutt? We'd love the support!

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