There were never any dates in the tradie calendar that required us to go about our business any differently to the way that we normally would. However now, in our first year of a fashion workwear brand, every significant date that rolls around is a new experience for Ed and I.Things are quite different for us now, given that we have deviated in careers and taken a huge chance on following a passion.  I have written previously about different environments that we have found ourselves in because of our new venture, and the fact that we have come to terms with the reality that we are now in the ‘fashion’ game, even though its fashion for tradies.
Given the fact that we are now an e-commerce clothing retailer, there are significant dates in our calendar that were not relevant to us before. Tomorrow is Black Friday and the following Monday in Cyber Monday or BFCM. For some reason, this has become a significant date in the online retail world, where retailers of all kinds significantly discount their stock. As we are a month out from Christmas, this is a huge win for consumers, as no doubt many Christmas shopping lists will be checked off in the frenzy. AWESOME!

But here is why TradeMutt does not take part in discounting stock to drive up sales.

On entering into this, our ‘why’ has always been the most important piece to the puzzle. The reason why we wanted to tackle the issue of mental health, particularly among men, is because Ed and I have both been directly affected by suicide, as well as watched various people in our lives struggle with understanding and managing their own mental health. I have become very familiar with anxiety in my own life, and whenever it has reared its sleepless head, I have felt like I must have been the only one feeling it.  Although my understanding of mental health and self-management tools has improved significantly, it wasn’t always so sturdy and the reality is, this is the same for many other people out there, regardless of gender, age, occupation and success.
What our product stands for is far more than just the finely woven cotton, cut into a comfortably fitting shirt that looks really cool. It is about what the shirt represents. TradeMutt shirts are a beacon, or a uniform even, that means that the person wearing the shirt acts with compassion, empathy and takes a non-judgemental approach to conversations about mental health. By wearing this uniform, you become illuminated among a crowd of strangers as a person that is open to conversation with anyone who can see you. We are using such a simple product, combined with a vibrant print, to help complete strangers talk about mental health. A potentially life-saving conversation.

To discount TradeMutt shirts would mean discounting mental health. And that is definitely an issue that we will not short change.