Do you record live concerts?

Do you record videos when you are at a concert or some type of live event? I’m not talking about a quick photo or a snap chat of you and your friends in the mosh pit. I am talking about those people who literally have their phone out for 90% of the concert recording it!? Well if you don’t do it I am sure you have seen it being done. I just don’t get it to be honest, and in fact it doesn’t make sense to me. Why don’t people live in the moment? We always seem to be looking to the future, striving for something or we are dwelling on the past. Is that why people record a live concert? So, they can sit at home and watch it later rather than enjoy the beauty of live music or theatre? It really has me scratching my head.

We need to collectively alter our way of thinking and start enjoying the moment we are in and reflect on how we got to where we are. Currently I am sitting at my desk surrounded by many other start up businesses chatting, creating and working on their businesses that are all designed to make positive change to this world. To think 12 months ago I was working on a bathroom refurb in Ascot for my old boss, ripping out walls of tiles and spending most of my day making sure I wasn’t damaging the clients polished hard wood floors. I am super thankful for where Dan and I are at now. Don’t get me wrong we often reflect on mistakes we have made thus far, and we are continually working on how we can improve and grow our business. Yet what we do enjoy doing is going for a beer or lunch together and reflecting on where we are at now, and really enjoying the moment.

When is the last time you stopped and thought about where you are at now? I think it’s a vital tool in making sure you are forever improving the person you are. Bryant McGill once said, “People who have had little self-reflection live life in a huge reality blind-spot.” Personally, I believe this is super important to act on. How can we progress if we are not continually checking in on ourselves? This time last year as I was slinging villa board into that bathroom when I came to a massive realisation. I was sick of working for the business I was working for. It wasn’t my boss’s fault, it was that I had a greater vision. I wanted to learn new skills. I wanted to start my own business and work for myself. Through my own self-reflection I understood I wasn’t the person I wanted to be and I wasn’t doing the job I wanted to do. Life’s too short to keep rolling into a job you don’t enjoy.

My overarching point is don’t be the guy filming the concert, be the guy that enjoys it for what it is. Remember if you don’t like it you can leave and go and do something else. Don’t be afraid to check in on yourself. Take a deep breath and enjoy the now, if you don’t like it, change it. 




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Mother Mutter

Your messages are always heartfelt and inspiring- love your blog and all that you and Dan are doing to help spread such an important message 👌😎

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