Nick Sutherland is an ex reconnaissance soldier who was medically discharged from the Australian Army in 2002 with depression and anxiety as well as a permanent knee injury.

Lacking support, Nick spent the next several years spiralling down until finally hitting rock bottom which for him, included agoraphobia (not being able to leave the house) and suicidal thoughts.

Thankfully Nick decided to overcome the belief that “asking for help is weak” and reached out for assistance, spending the next year basically rebuilding a stronger, healthier and more sustainable version of himself.

Deciding to find the value and a purpose in what he experienced, Nick went and learned various psychotherapy modalities and opened his own private practice in 2009.

8 years and hundreds of clients later, Nick saw the same 5 core problems creating all different types of surface level issues so decided to change his business model and to work in a “prevention is better than cure” approach.

Instead of waiting to help people overcome emotional trauma from when “life happens” Nick decided to take a proactive approach and empower people with the tools and resources required to avoid mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

As a lived experience mental health advocate and practitioner, Nick feels grateful for being able to assist people that on the surface are doing the best they can but underneath, are really struggling and feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed.

MyndFit was created to do as it says – to teach people how to be mentally fitter, healthier and stronger.

Although he’s no longer in the army, Nicks new mission is to help people understand that they can attend to their mental health just as they do their physical health. 

Having become a leading practitioner in his field and highly regarded by his peers, Nick has been a mentor for students at training academies and is often sought to speak and present at industry events and workshops. He has been interviewed on top rating podcasts and radio stations around the world, worked with Olympic, Commonwealth and Hall of Fame athletes, done countless keynote presentations and most importantly, helped hundreds of people to regain control of their own happiness and health through his MyndFit for Life program. Nick is also honoured to be a select visiting practitioner at Chiva Som in Thailand, voted one of the worlds best luxury health resorts where he consults for one month each year.

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