Travelling Tradies

Travelling Tradies introduces Aussie & Kiwi Tradies to hotels and hostels from around the world, where they swap their skills a few hours a day for food, accommodation and epic experiences. 

Travelling Tradies was created by Adam Valastro, a qualified plumber that spent nearly a decade in the industry. He was earning good money (and spending good money getting messed up every weekend) but could never fill the void inside him. Always searching for something more he suffered severe depression and after 2 fellow tradies on job sites he was working on, took their own lives in the space of a week, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for him. He spontaneously booked a one-way ticket to South America where he disappeared for nearly 3 years.

Whilst overseas to ensure he didn't have to return home sooner than he wanted, he would approach hotels and hostels and offer his skills to fix and build anything and everything in exchange for food, accommodation, tours, experiences, drinks, local insight, guidance and knowledge. On returning home he realised other Tradies wanted to do the same and that's how Travelling Tradies was born.

We have partnered with Travelling Tradies because like us they are on a mission to raise awareness about mental health in the construction industry. We both know there is a major problem with poor mental health in our industry and its time to skill blokes with the knowledge they need to improve their mental wellness.

If you want to explore the world and pay your travel bill by exchanging your skills a few hours a day for a warm bed, some grub and epic experiences anywhere in the world, then register as a Travelling Tradie at

They help tradies to be happier, healthier and to truly bloody live! What are you waiting for?