Sh*tter Creek Boot Skadoots

Are you sick of finding your apprentice sitting down on job site with one boot off claiming to have yet another pesky rock in his or her boot? Well then, have we got the perfect solution for you. 

Deck out your entire team with a pair of TradeMutt Boot Skadoots, and not only will you pick up all that lost profit caused by ‘boot rock sit down syndrome’, but you’ll also find that your crew will be so much happier at work because they don’t have to sit down and get back up again, all the time. 

Increase productivity by hitting Boot Rock Sit Down Syndrome on the head and help start some extremely important conversations about mental health with a fancy pair of TradeMutt Boot Skadoots. 

Boot Skadoots are available in both left, both right, or the classic left and right combination, depending on the dexterity of the individual.  

Get your Boot Skadoots today and say ‘rock on’ to Boot Rock Sit Down Syndrome.


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