You’ll Never Walk Alone

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Why are the four letters YNWA embroidered on every TradeMutt shirt pocket?

TradeMutt was created after one of my (Dan’s) best mates took his own life in 2015. His name was also Dan.

One thing that brought him more joy than anything else in the world was his passion for his beloved team, Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool’s song, sung in a full throated chorus by their fans at every home game is You’ll Never Walk Alone. If you haven’t ever seen it or heard it, do yourself and favor and jump on YouTube and check out the rendition from when Liverpool came and played at the MCG in 2013.

Those four letters are embroidered onto every TradeMutt shirt as a tribute to my mate Dan, but they serve as a reminder that at TradeMutt, we are building a community founded on shared values and a common goal to help keep people safe through open and honest conversation.

As long as you’re with TradeMutt, always remember…

You’ll Never Walk Alone