Indiana Bones

Indiana Bones

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In a small, mythical town west of Brisbane, there lived a remarkable, adventurous dog.

With a wagging tail and boundless spirit he came to be known as the dog explorer, seeking out treasures buried deep beneath the earth. His keen sense of smell and insatiable curiosity drew him to Brisbane’s many construction sites where hidden gems lay undiscovered below soil and earth and just above bedrock.

It was a gimmick at first, digging up small treasures like diamond drill bits that never broke, but as his exploits spread far and wide he turned up a treasure trove of radiant jewels. Ebony hammers, dinosaur tooth saws, bottomless servo iced coffees.

More and more of the city’s job sites turned into his adventures. Every time he heard ground breaking he was there in a flash to start digging to see what he would find next. Eventually he travelled as far and wide as Perth to look for treasure all over the country, now much more than just a local legend.

As he discovered more and more incredible finds — indestructible utes, titanium scaffolding, safe angle grinders — he became known around the world as Indiana Bones. The dog that travelled mine to mine, site to site, digging up buried treasures.

Every new adventure, every new discovery, every new treasure made Indiana Bones the happiest mutt in the world. He had the waggiest tail, the fullest belly, and the wettest nose ever.

What a treasure.

Indiana Bones is an adventurous print and models Kahlyn Pryor and Ethan Zirkzee made it pop out at Oxley Nursery during this photoshoot.

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