Pressure Point

Pressure Point

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This collection speaks to the pressures that people experience as the year winds up and we enter the silly season. This includes pressure at work as well as within families and relationships. But, sometimes under a bit of pressure is when the best things happen.


Diamonds are formed under pressure and this epic pattern is the perfect way to show the world just that!


Send ‘er down Huey! We all know that when it rains it pours and that when a high pressure system builds up it has to come down, so embrace the storms for what they are because you might just learn something. 

Sh*tter Creek

You asked for it legends! The Shit Creek shirt was a crowd favourite last year so we’ve brought it back with a whole new set of characters in a whole new set of situations. Remember, when you are up shit creek, you might not have a paddle but you can always ask for help!