Stained Glass 2.0

Stained Glass 2.0

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This fiercely loyal best mate is the hero that is always there for his mates. Sharing all the best characteristics of a lovable canine, it’s no wonder that this guy is drawn to dog grooming. His carefree attitude is grounded on a rock solid foundation with a cautious nature that will always have him asking the right questions. At his core, Harry is a loving, sweet, kind and gentle while always holding his head high through adversity.


Lloyd is the hero that wears his heart on his sleeve, willing to give up everything he knows to return a valuable lost briefcase to it’s rightful owner. Willing to risk heartbreak and rejection while hanging on to hope, this knight in shining armour is willing to do what ever it takes to see his mission through. Lloyd is an ideas man with a wild imagination and a mischievous wit, and despite his imperfections, he is a deeply caring, happy and loving man who is extremely loyal to his friends.


Mary is the troubled beauty who, despite being held to ransom by people around her, remains stoic composed in the most testing situations which brings calm to those around her. She has a smile that can light up a room with a level of sincerity and respect that draws people close while her honesty keeps them at bay. This heroine is willing to do whatever needs to be done to ensure the protection and safety of those around her and is never willing to compromise.Β