The OGs

The OGs

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If you wear this shirt, it says that you like to look good and work hard. Nothing wrong with that. This shirt fits all occasions, wouldn’t look astray on your back when mowing the lawn or on the bloke running the BBQ on a Sunday arvo. This shirt is a must have in the closet. Its comfortable, practical and it has some deadly colours!


Do you love an all Aussie adventure? Do you work long hours in the sun? Do you wear shirts? If you answered yes to any of these, then the Coight is for you! You can’t be seen working unless you’re in this.


A name that simply says "Hello", the Bumble Bee Tuna will be sure to turn heads. Not for the faint hearted, this shirt screams "Come and talk to me, I have yarns to spin". 

Touted as the design that will surely see any keen fisher man or woman bagging out on the water. Even a bad day on the end of the line will be great wearing this beauty!


This shirt is funky as f*ck. Obviously it's in the name and in the makeup. Wears hard, looks tough and is. Can’t deny the fact this shirt shouts I’m confident and can conquer anything!


The name that means Unicorn in German, The Einhorn is as breathtaking as Aurora Borealis and can be seen from up to 2km away, if seen through binoculars. 

Be proud to strut your stuff, like the magical horn bearing beast it’s named after.