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We have been very fortunate to be invited to speak at events all over the country and share our story. Two chippies who met on a building site in 2014 don't often build Australia's largest social enterprise workwear company. They also don't tend to co-create a free text and call counselling service for the Australian blue collar community. Together, TradeMutt and TIACS have provided over 16,500 tradies free access to mental health professionals.

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Thanks, Ed and Dan.

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What some legends have had to say...

“Inspiring down-to-earth blokes delivering an inspiring, relatable and very memorable message. Every one of our delegates were 100% engaged in every word of Ed and Dan’s presentation. Don’t envy any following presenters!”

~David Meyer, Carpet One

“5+++ What a brilliant presentation. Informative and inspiring. Brilliant energy.”



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