5 Random Reasons to Buy a TradeMutt Shirt This EOFY

There are some pretty obvious reasons why you should secure a TradeMutt shirt during this EOFY period (See: Tax time) but there are some out-there reasons that we don’t think you would’ve thought about. We’ve made it easy for you and listed out the main five below:

1. Change is as good as a holiday

Orange, yellow, navy? Yeah yeah yeah we’ve seen it all before, hell we’ve done it all before. Shake the shit up and get into a TradeMutt shirt, it’s almost like sitting on a beach sipping cocktails while the sun goes down… almost (Remember to drink responsibly 😋 )

2. You get a free set of buttons

Yes you read that right... for this EOFYFIS only we've decided to throw in a full set of buttons with your shirt! We'll even sew them on. No more craft time, we're making it easy by giving you buttons from collar to waist. We'll even chuck a set on your wrist cuffs. Finally a solution to your shirt flying undone, make doing up your shirt a breeze.  

3. You might make a new friend

“Oi is that person wearing a TradeMutt shirt, we should be friends”

This will be heard across the country for years to come. Wearing a TradeMutt shirt indicates that you’re down to have a conversation and soon you’ll have more friends than you can shake a TradeMutt shirt at.

4. People will laugh at your jokes

No more pity laughter or polite smiles that don’t reach the eyes… in TradeMutt workwear you’ll have people keeling over with how hard they laugh at your jokes, you don’t even need to change your material! (for legal reasons this is not true, we can’t help it if no one laughs when you tell them the same joke for the thousandth time)

What’s orange and looks like an orange?

An Orange

5. Make laundry great again

I don't even know what pile to put it in but I do know it's fun knowing I'll be soon back in my favourite (now clean) shirt! It's too colourful for the white pile, yet too bright for the dark pile 😤 Add a little spice to laundry day with a TradeMutt workshirt - it'll soon become the reason you look forward to washing!

6. Bonus round

There are actually a number of better and more serious reasons why you should buy a TradeMutt shirt during this sale.

a) We've never done a sale this big.

b) We're an accredited social trader with 50% of our profits funding free mental health support to those doing it tough through TIACS.org.

c) See reasons a & b