A TradeMutt web series.

Tradies, and men in blue-collar jobs have some of the highest suicide rates in Australia.

A primary reason driving this sobering statistic is men not knowing how to ask for help or feeling they can't ask for help.

TradeMutts mission is to change that.

A conversation is a simple and powerful first step on the journey toward mental wellness.

TradeMutt works to start these conversations.

A % of every shirt sold goes toward funding TIACS.ORG, a TradeMutt initiative that offers free clinical support service for Tradies, Truckies and Blue Collar workers, staffed by a team of certified psychologists.

Our vision at TradeMutt and TIACS is to provide a full circle solution to an industry problem, and help drive down the rate of blue collar suicide in Australia.

Start a conversation and help make an invisible issue, impossible to ignore.