Mental Health Isn't Just For One Day.

Here at TradeMutt, and we're on a mission to make an invisible issue, impossible to ignore, every single day.

This is how we do it, and how you can join the movement:


Trademutt has sold over 30,000 shirts to individuals and business

TIACS has supplied 2200 hours of free mental health care

Started By Two Mates

TIACS foundation was created by Ed Ross and Daniel Allen, after Dan lost one of his mates to suicide.

Join the Movement

TIACS is fully funded by the generosity of others through the donations and through people purchasing our TradeMutt shirts. Check out our shirts below - guaranteed to start conversations about mental health.

We believe that every day is R U OK day for your business! 

Interested in getting your business involved with TradeMutt?

Thank you!

"For us here at SWQ these shirts are a constant reminder of the importance to ask our teammates if they are ok" - SWQ Training

"When a new employee joins Spaceframe Buildings, they are gifted a TradeMutt shirt. Everyone receives a conversation starter. Regardless of their role, mental health impacts everybody" - Spaceframe Buildings

"In the last year, TradeMutt has had a massive impact on our team’s culture and mental health, which has helped the business in so many ways" - Gardel Electrical

"As a business we are championing this new initiative together with monthly mental health TradeMutt events – getting together to chat in a relaxed setting" - NRG Services

Whats With The Crazy Shirts?

Hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses across Australia (and the world) have jumped on board and started countless conversations about mental health by wearing a TradeMutt Shirt. Check out our funky designs below, guaranteed to start the much needed conversations around mental health.