Two Ex-Chippies Helping Save Aussie Tradies

Co-founders of TradeMutt, Australia’s favourite social impact workwear brand, Daniel Allen and Edward Ross are working hard to get more people in the blue collar industry talking about mental health thanks to their new Funky Shirt Friday initiative.

“We really wanted to get everyone talking about mental health more regularly”
said Ross

“As we know, mental health affects us all and with the current economic climate and financial situation of the Construction industry it has never been more important to get these important conversations started and help people get the support we deserve”

Ross and Allen also founded TIACS, a Free telehealth mental wellbeing service in 2020.

“What we noticed was that tradies did not know where to go for mental health support” Allen said

"Ed and I didn't even know where to begin our own mental health journeys or where we could go to speak to a counsellor, so that's where TIACS was born! Free, easy, and direct, TIACS is really aiming to remove the barriers to receiving professional help"

TIACS has now supported over 9 000 tradies and their loved ones with direct access to counsellors at absolutely no cost to the user.

“It’s the private sector mental health support everyone in this country deserves without the price tag. The barriers of both finances and location have been removed, we are simply astounded with the impact being made” Ross commented.

TIACS gets its funding from TradeMutt workwear, who donate 50% of profits, and 20+ other alliance partners.This funding helps to hire and pay for full time counsellors who provide their care to their community free of charge.  

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