TradeMutt works on making an impact on the mental health space amongst the blue-collar work force of Australia and abroad. Each shirt acts as a catalyst to starting a conversation. We are continuing to improve our messaging through social media, podcast and mail out collateral that empowers our customer base with conversation tips and mental health advice.

Our philosophy is to take a more fun and light-hearted approach to the conversation. Currently the landscape around mental health is not making the conversations inviting to have and has many misconceptions. TradeMutt works on educating the trade community of the importance of taking care of your mental health and raise awareness around how we all have mental health.

TradeMutt works on creating a closed circle approach by funding 5% of shirt profits direct to the ‘This Is A Conversation Starter Foundation’ or TIACS. TIACS is a FREE and discrete service direct to Psychologists for people wanting to access professional mental health experts.

TradeMutt has and will continue to bridge the divide between the blue-collar workforce and mental health professionals and create the cultural and social shift that is needed to stem the rate of suicide and create an environment that encourages help seeking behaviour.