At TradeMutt, we create workwear that acts as a catalyst to starting conversations about mental health with the goal to proactively decrease Australian suicide rates through acknowledgement, education & professional help - via TIACS.ORG. 

We are working to create a cultural and social shift that will help to stem the rate of suicide while fostering an environment that will encourage help seeking behaviour

Just like it's namesake, this shirt simply oozes cool. A jazzy number inspired by the zany animal sleuth, it's the shirt that is designed to fill you with the confidence of a man that believes he can capture a rare Albino Pigeon with his bare hands alone. Our advice? Quiff your hair back and get your strut on because it's about to go down. 


Check out our Mutters in action.

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"Mad dogs makin' mad shirts to get us talking to each other"

- Jessica Gardiner

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- Nick Mills

"TradeMutt are doing something special with these shirts. A simple idea to make an invisible issue impossible to ignore"
- Maddie Buttler

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- James Hobbs

TIACS.ORG foundation was created by Ed Ross and Daniel Allen, two social entrepreneurs from Brisbane, Australia.

After Dan lost a close mate to suicide in late 2015, it became obvious that there was a significant lack of understanding around mental health, particularly among young men.

After starting a social enterprise work wear company in 2018 (TradeMutt), Dan and Ed knew that they wanted to further their work from driving a cultural shift around the mental health conversation to actually providing a solution for anyone seeking help.

After nearly 12 months of behind the scenes work in February 2019 the This is a conversation starter foundation was launched.

To find out more about TIACS.ORG click here.