A TradeMutt Undercover Mutter workshirt

They're more subtle than the standard TradeMutt conversation starter.

Our Undercover Mutter workshirts are missing a few things. They don't have funky patterns all over the outside, they don't have This Is A Conversation Starter embroidered over the back shoulders, and they don't even have the TradeMutt shield on the front pocket.

What do they have?

They've still got the characteristic TradeMutt flair. You'll just find the prints in more subtle places — at the collar and under the cuffs. Under the front left pocket you'll still find the QR code to take people through to TIACS when they need to have a yarn.

So why do we make them?

Not everyone wants to wear loud, funky, conversation starting workwear every day. Some folks just want funky shirts for Funky Shirt Friday so that they can spice up the best day of the week but keep the rest of the week more lowkey. Sure, we'd love everyone to be repping a full print conversation starter but we also want to make sure that people who can't still have TradeMutt options.

So we made Undercover Mutter workshirts. People can still support TradeMutt, still buy workshirts that donate 50% of their profits to TIACS, and still make an invisible issue impossible to ignore. But they don't have to wear workshirts that are loud and standout.

We make our Undercover Mutter workshirts in bold colours so they still stand out even in less colourful workplaces. 

Do Undercover Mutters come in men's and women's sizes?

They sure do, legends. 

How do I spot an Undercover Mutter in the wild?

They're still not just any other cotton work shirt. If you see a block colour workshirt that looks like it might be an Undercover Mutter, you'll still be able to see the Y.N.W.A and dog ears sewn into the chest pocket.

Plus, take a cheeky peek at the back of the collar and under the cuffs to see if there's a TradeMutt print.

If you can see those things, go and start a conversation.

How do I buy an Undercover Mutter workshirt?

The same way you buy any other TradeMutt shirts legend: shop now on our website or grab one from your friendly, nearby TradeMutt stockist.

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