"Steel Kaleidoscope" Hi vis Cotton workshirt
"Steel Kaleidoscope" Hi vis Cotton workshirt

"Steel Kaleidoscope" Hi vis Cotton workshirt

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How did Bridon Bekaert celebrate its 100th year of steel rope manufacturing while making a positive difference to the mental health of its team?

A custom hi vis TradeMutt work shirt, of course, featuring a unique design inspired by Bekaert’s 8x36 Compak steel rope cross-section while incorporating their BeCare heart and corporate colours. 

The design, based on what Bekaert’s steel ropes look like on the inside, serves as a visual reminder that, for mental health, being strong on the inside means speaking up and getting the support you need. At Bekaert, mental health is a priority and they aspire to break down barriers through open conversation.

We’re stoked to have partnered with Bridon Bekaert on their ‘Steel Kaleidoscope’-patterned custom hi vis workwear to take important steps towards mental health awareness.

What's the name of your business?

Bekaert Wire Ropes Pty. Ltd., trading as Bekaert

What does your business do? What goods or services do you sell?

Australia's only manufacturer of steel wire ropes.

How many employees do you have?

We have 110 employees.

Where is the majority of your work as a business performed?

Our manufacturing is done in Newcastle NSW but we service customers all over Australia and around the world.

Why has your organisation committed to producing a custom TradeMutt garment?

Yes and we love it! Our print Steel Kaleidoscope is fantastic!

What outcomes are you expecting from rolling out your new TradeMutt custom print?

Rolling out our custom shirts has generated lots of mental health discussions and reinforced our care for each other and everyone in the team. The shirts also generate a sense of pride in being part of a company that values and supports mental health awareness and support. It's wonderful to see all our people in their awesome shirts - not only do we look amazing but we are reminded constantly of the importance of checking in on our mates and reaching out for support when we need it. The shirts make people smile.

What other proactive steps is your business taking towards starting conversations about mental health?

We have mental health Wednesdays where our local chaplain/counsellor walks the plant and is available for anyone who wants to talk. We have an RUOK conversation bench in the plant that if you want to talk to someone you can sit at. We participate in the local mental health initiative Everyone Has A Story and encourage people to share their stories as a way of breaking down stigmas. We also run regular mental health training sessions and have Lifeline visits onsite. We make donations to Lifeline and regularly support their fundraising initiatives. We also have an EAP service available to all employees and their families. And of course we promote the amazing work of Trademutt and TIACS and participate in Funky Shirt Fridays.

How did you find the TradeMutt custom workwear development process?

Super easy! You guys were amazing! Iris did a fantastic job of turning our ideas into the fabulous Steel Kaleidescope print.

Would you recommend a TradeMutt custom print to other businesses? Why/why not?

YES! Definitely without a doubt worth every cent.

Every purchase helps to fund TIACS. Through TradeMutt products we have funded hours of free mental health support.

This support is enabled by TIACS.org to offer a FREE text, chat and call back service staffed by mental health clinicians.

Open 8am-10pm AEST Mon-Fri.

Funded hours of free mental health support

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