"Sweet Pickin's" Custom Hillwood Berries Orange Day Only Hi Vis Workshirt
"Sweet Pickin's" Custom Hillwood Berries Orange Day Only Hi Vis Workshirt

"Sweet Pickin's" Custom Hillwood Berries Orange Day Only Hi Vis Workshirt

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What's the name of your business?

Hillwood Berries.

What does your business do? What goods or services do you sell?

We grow Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries.

How many employees do you have?


Where is the majority of your work as a business performed?

Launceston, Tasmania, and Bundaberg, Queensland

Why has your organisation committed to producing a custom TradeMutt garment?

We already participate in Funky Friday shirts from Trade Mutts core range, and we wanted to broaden this concept to a bespoke shirt that represents Hillwood Berries. Many of our workers are from the Pacific Islands and spend numerous months at a time away from home and homesickness is often prevalent. Providing an opportunity for them to express their personalities and have fun has been a part of our wider Hillwood initiative.

What outcomes are you expecting from rolling out your new TradeMutt custom print?

In essence, our shirt design encapsulates and celebrates the berries we grow. Our workforce is the backbone of business. They are why we can provide fresh fruit to our loyal customers. Through these shirts we ensure conversations and acknowledgment of their well-being, uniqueness, and safety are at the forefront of everyone in our business. By embracing this design, we will champion self-expression, safety, and mental health discussions – all woven into one garment.

What other proactive steps is your business taking towards starting conversations about mental health?

We have a team of pastoral carers who look after our seasonal workers and take care of their wellbeing on the day to day. We are also now looking into providing a third-party employee assistance program for all of our staff, so they have an avenue for support provided by the business.

How did you find the TradeMutt custom workwear development process?

We found the development process quick and smooth, with a lot of assistance when required.

Would you recommend a TradeMutt custom print to other businesses? Why/why not?

Yes, as it has given us the chance to have our own unique design to be part of this amazing cause.

Every purchase helps to fund TIACS. Through TradeMutt products we have funded hours of free mental health support.

This support is enabled by TIACS.org to offer a FREE text, chat and call back service staffed by mental health clinicians.

Open 8am-10pm AEST Mon-Fri.

Funded hours of free mental health support

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