5 Reasons To Wear A TradeMutt Shirt

5 Reasons To Wear A TradeMutt Shirt

So you’ve seen these funky work shirts with colourful patterns and This Is A Conversation Starter across the back all around the country.

On site, at the shops, at the pub, at the footy. What are they about? And why should you wear one?

That’s easy. Read on for our top five reasons why you should be wearing a funky TradeMutt work shirt.

1. These work shirts are conversation starters.

Just like they across the back, these funky work shirts — TradeMutt work shirts — are conversation starters. They’re designed to get Aussies talking to each other about their mental health. You can talk about anything really though, provided you’re actually talking.

TradeMutt started because one of our co-founders, Dan Allen, lost his best mate to suicide. He was just about to start a new job and no one knew he was struggling. If he’d been able to open up about how he was doing he might still be here.

That’s why these shirts are made to start conversations: So they can be easy icebreakers for people who might not otherwise know how to open up a little. It’s as easy as, “Hey mate, love the shirt.” Or if you’re wearing one: “What do you think of the shirt?”

2. They’re fun to wear.

I mean: look at them. They’re fun to wear, they’re bright, they’re funky. What else could you want from a work shirt? You don’t need to just stick to boring old yellow and orange hi vis. Get some colour going, some vibrancy, some life. TradeMutt hi vis work shirts are all certified too so you’ll still be meeting all of your site safety standards while you’re having fun and making the invisible impossible to ignore.

Plus, you can get matching hi vis and full print patterns for days when you don’t need hi vis. Or just grab a matching polo in a print that you love for when you’re out on the golf course or heading into the office. Mix it up, don’t be boring.These work shirts fund free mental health counselling.

3. These work shirts fund free mental health counselling.

50% of the profits from each TradeMutt shirt — well, every sale altogether actually — go straight to TIACS. TIACS is a free mental health counselling service for tradies, truckies, rural, and blue collar workers.

TIACS is completely funded by industry so there is no government money involved. All you have to do if you want to talk to TIACS, or you want someone you love to talk to TIACS, is to text or call 0488 846 988 between 8am and 10pm Monday to Friday AEST (that’s Brisbane time).

When you call TIACS, you’ll be connected with a counsellor that you’ll keep for all of your conversations. This way you’re not sharing your story over and over and your professional, qualified counsellor understands your journey all the way through from first call to last call.

4. There’s access to free mental health counselling on every shirt.

Forgotten how to get in touch with TIACS in the middle of a conversation? Just flip up the flap on the left chest pocket of your work shirt and scan the QR code that’s underneath. That will take you through to a landing page that can connect you straight to TIACS via text or call so that you or whoever you’re talking to can get right in touch.

5. They’re a great way to make new friends.

Don’t just take our word for it. Every day in our Facebook group The Mutt Hutt we hear stories from legends just like you about how TradeMutt shirts are starting conversations that lead to friendships.

Natasha’s dad wore his TradeMutt shirt on a cruise recently and started up an international friendship.

<>They stay in touch over email now as penpals because of the shirts:

Dad was wearing his favourite TradeMutt on a boat cruise through Europe, at dinner with his fellow crew mates and they ask what it’s all about. Dad proudly tells them the story of the boys and his connection, then one of the dinner guests opens up about his son committing suicide and then promptly logs on and orders his whole family shirts to be shipped back to the US. A 100% conversation starter. Dad has continued to stay in contact with this gentleman and they email each other often.

Peta’s TradeMutt shirts helped her become friends with a bloke she’s worked on a few sites with (with a twist…):

I travel across a lot of project sites throughout Central Queensland mining and construction. I was recently in Yeppoon and a gentle giant from another contractor said 'Hey! I remember you from the Weir project because you always have those funky shirts and earrings!' We both admitted we couldn't recall each other's name and laughed.

Turns out Peta and Peter!!! LOL! Thanks for helping me stand out at work and giving me another excuse to buy earrings!

Those are our top five reasons to wear a TradeMutt shirt.

But there are so many others.

By wearing a TradeMutt shirt and celebrating Funky Shirt Friday every week you become part of a movement that’s changing the culture of mental health among Australia’s blue collar workers. We hear every day how much it’s working.

You will too.

See you in TradeMutt kit on Funky Shirt Friday legend. Can’t wait for you to be involved.