Built Tough So You Don't Have To Be

Built Tough So You Don't Have To Be

TradeMutt work shirts are built tough so you don’t have to be.

But what does that mean?

'Built tough.'

TradeMutt’s conversation starting work shirts are made from 100% 150gsm cotton. They’re colourfast, our hi vis works shirts are compliant hi vis, and we’re constantly improving their construction so they can endure the worst a job site can throw at them.

But that’s not what’s so different about ‘em.. TradeMutt work shirts are built tough so you don’t have to be. That’s because they start conversations.

'So you don't have to be.'

TradeMutt shirts start conversations about mental health. Anyone you see wearing a TradeMutt shirt, maybe yourself included, has taken on a responsibility to take a non-judgmental approach when a conversation’s been started.

That means you can talk about how you’re really going. You can make the invisible impossible to ignore by talking about it openly, courageously, and authentically.

You don’t need to be tough as nails, to have a stiff upper lip, to keep it bottled up when you’re around a TradeMutt shirt. Whether you’re wearing a TradeMutt work shirt or you’re just having a yarn to a bloke on site who’s wearing one, it’s an invitation to open up.

One of our values here at TradeMutt is that we build trust through transparency. Opening up about how you’re really doing is transparent. This vulnerability means that people around you can come chat to you when they need to.

That’s what we mean when we say they’re built tough so you don’t have to be.

TradeMutt work shirts and accessories start conversations, they don’t force them.

But not everyone wants to have a yarn right away.

Some of the most memorable TradeMutt stories we’ve heard have been from legends who’ve been wearing TradeMutt to site every Funky Shirt Friday for weeks and weeks before someone starts a conversation.

That’s alright. It takes people time to open up sometimes, especially if they’re used to just bottling it all up.

So don’t force a conversation. Start one. Or at the very least create an environment for later on where someone you know can have a chat to you about what they’re struggling with.

What if the conversation gets too heavy?

Talk to TIACS.

TIACS is a free text and call mental health counselling service for tradies, truckies, rural, and blue collar workers. They’re open from 8am to 10pm AEST (Brisbane time) Monday to Friday. Just text or call 0488 846 988 to get started.

TradeMutt donates 50% of our profits to TIACS to fund free mental health counselling for tradies and we’re supported over 4,000 hours of professional mental health counselling conversation so far.

Join us.

Help us make the invisible impossible to ignore by starting a conversation in a TradeMutt shirt. Wear yours to work this week. Have a yarn to someone who might be struggling at work. Or just nab a lunch purse or sunglass strap if you’re really not allowed to wear a TradeMutt conversation starter to work.

If you can’t wear a TradeMutt shirt to work, quit. Nah, just get your boss on the blower to us. We’ll get him over the line.