Bunnings Trade x TradeMutt x TIACS

Bunnings Trade x TradeMutt x TIACS

G’day legends,

We have some really exciting news to share.

Some of you have been with us since the start. Some of you grabbed a conversation starter for the first time at EOFYS. Either way, we’re stoked you’re here.

Ed and I have spent the last six years building TradeMutt the social enterprise, building TIACS the professional tele health counselling service so it’s available for free, and putting some serious runs on the board supporting the blue collar community to help those who need it the most.

Now we’re about to undertake our biggest ever partnership to ensure that no tradie ever has to go it alone.

At 7am on the 26th of July, we’re launching a national collaboration between Bunnings Trade and TradeMutt to support TIACS.

We’ll be launching Bunnings Trade’s very own limited edition conversation starting work shirt with 100% of proceeds being donated to TIACS, helping us ensure that professional mental health counselling is free for any tradie that needs it.

We’re not gonna beat around the bush: the success of this campaign will potentially generate more funding for TIACS in one hit than what we could’ve ever imagined. This first collaboration popping off will ensure the long term future of TIACS and allow us to employ more counsellors to meet future demand and to make sure no blue collar worker has to tough it out alone.

Having this go off will be a game changer for TIACS.

To make it go off, we need to clear out every bit of stock as fast as possible. There are limited shirts per store but they’re in every Bunnings in the country. Snap ‘em up.

This collaboration with Bunnings Trade is our biggest partnership ever and we need your help to send it off with a bang.

Get down to your local Bunnings at 7am on the 26th of July to get your hands on the first ever limited edition Bunnings Trade TradeMutt shirt and help us start conversations that could help a tradie like you.

These products are in-store only on July 26th. They will not be available online.

Cheers legends,

Dan, Ed & the TradeMutt team

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