Don't Keep It Under Your Hat

Don't Keep It Under Your Hat

G'day legend,

We know it’s hard to get farmers talking about what’s troubling them.

They've endured unprecedented challenges in the last few years. Fires, droughts, floods, volatile market conditions and now another unpredictable season of weather.

On the land it’s easy to hit a rough patch and not enough farmers are getting the help they need. Sometimes it's hard to find the words to express what's on our minds. Especially for farmers who pride themselves on overcoming tough times.

It can be even harder to ask for support.

For those who don't know us, we are Sue & Jason (or Banksy). We are the co-CEO’s of TIACS that TradeMutt donates 50% of its profits to. TIACS is a free text and call counselling service for blue collar workers and their loved ones.

Today, we're launching our Don't Keep It Under Your Hat campaign. This campaign is designed to get farmers talking.

Most farmers get up every day and put on a hat before beginning their workday. This campaign takes that practical everyday item and uses it to remind people not to ignore or mask what's going on underneath the hat, inside their head.

Our message to farmers, and those who live and work in rural communities, is simple:

You don't need to keep it under your hat.

Every hat has a story, every story's worth sharing. If you don't feel like you can share your story with a mate, share it with TIACS.

We're just a text or a call away. 0488 846 988 Mon- Fri 8am-10pm AEST.

To learn more visit

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