How To Create A More Positive, Constructive And Productive Mindset In 5 Mins

How To Create A More Positive, Constructive And Productive Mindset In 5 Mins

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"Usually, negative news goes faster, further, and deeper on social networks -- so we are much more exposed to negative news than positive news," 

Social media feeds provide the majority of us with our world views in this day in age – they (knowingly or unknowingly) dictate how you think/feel and ultimately make decisions. 

A newsfeed full of negative, panicked, information and individuals spreading mis-information will directly result in you feeling negative, panicked and mis-informed, which guide the decisions you make moving forward.

You aren’t alone, upward of 80% of the general public shape their view of the world around what they read/see on social media and who they interact with on social media.

We see this is an opportunity that gives you the ability to gain control of your newsfeed again, and curate it in a way that will cut out the negative and unhelpful information out there – leaving you with feed(s) that are full of more positive, practically helpful information which sets you up with a more positive and well informed world view, that will enable you to make decisions that are best for you, your loved ones and your family.


How do you curate your newsfeed(s)?

Simply filter through your newsfeed right now, and judge what you see – from both news organisations and specific individuals. Ask yourself - Is this information actually helping me? Or is it fostering a state of negativity and panic that I have no control over, and therefore damaging my mental health as helplessness sets in as you read it?

To those pieces of content follow this process for Facebook, Instagram and Instagram.

What you need to do: 

Right now, and go through your Facebook/Insta/Linkedin newsfeeds - 5 mins each, a total of 15 mins out of your day. 

Now, when you see a post you feel is not helping you or is out of your zone of control - do the following for each platform to remove them from your feed.

Then rinse and repeat – try to do this at least once a day over the coming 3 days or until you are content that your newsfeed(s) are the most positive and productive they can be.

Facebook – snooze for 30 days

Click on the 3 dots in the top right of the card of that post/article, then hit ‘Snooze (media company/individual) for 30 days’. This effectively removes them from your feed for a 30 day period. 

Instagram – Mute

Similar to Instagram, when you see a post you feel is not helping you. Click on the 3 dots in the top right of the card of that post/article, then hit ‘Mute Posts' or 'Mute Posts and Stories' from that individual or media company. NOTE - the muting of this source will only be lifted if you do it manually, it does not have a 30 day snooze window like FB. 

Linkedin - Unfollow

This feature, again, is similar to both Facebook and Instagram. Just hit the three dots at the top, select 'Unfollow' and you will not see that individuals posts in your feed anymore - until you head back into their profile and 'follow' them again. 

Once you have curated your content, and your newsfeed is filled with more constructive, fact-based news and positive people - you will begin to notice your world view and overall feeling gradually shift from that of negativity to optimism. 

This shifted worldview will likely lead you to make better, more informed life decisions at critical times, leading to a reduction in the stress and anxiety you could currently feel.

PS - I am not advocating you disconnect from the real world completely by removing all news sources - you still need a finger on a pulse to act fast if needed - but ensure it is a news source that is fact based - government pages/accounts are often the best as there is zero media spin, failing that it is up to your own discretion what is 'good news' or 'bad news' for you.

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