Meet Tamarah Vos

Meet Tamarah Vos

When I first came across Tamarah Vos, I knew immediately that she had the stuff. Despite the almost 2000 km between Brisbane and Geelong and having never met in person, the connection was immediately familiar and her personality genuine. What I saw was an inspiring young tradie who at the time was running her family's electrical business, but I quickly came to discover that there was so much more about Tamarah that makes her the incredible person that she is. I’m incredibly proud to have been able to support Tamarah along her various community support and advocacy campaigns, from her “You Matter Too” walk in 2021 raising funds for TIACS and bringing awareness to the unique experiences of support networks of those experiencing mental health challenges, her 2023 Habitat for Humanity trip to Cambodia or her various competitions and giveaways activating the extended trade community around a common cause. This powerhouse of a Tradie is the perfect inclusion to join myself, Ed and the rest of the TradeMutt team to help us take our mission and our impact to the next level.

As a brand, TradeMutt is all about creating stronger connections through the visual stimulus of a funky work shirt acting as a catalyst for sharing our stories with each other. Whether this happens on site, at the pub, at home or with a complete stranger in the street, we all have a story, and every story is worth sharing. The following is an insight into Tamarah Vos, the person, the tradie, the business and now the Head of Community & Impact at TradeMutt.

Dan Allen


G’day Legends,

I am Tamarah (AKA Tammy) Vos, some of you may already know me as @sparkyvos. I am extremely excited to be joining the TradeMutt team as Head of Community and Impact. My connection with this brand goes back to 2018 when I first purchased their MFG shirt. I was instantly inspired and moved by the brand, as I am affected by a close family member struggling with long term severe mental health issues within the blue collar community.

This has been an ongoing challenge we as a family have battled for most of our lives. We have witnessed and experienced first hand how isolating and scary these issues can be. To finally see a brand that supports us, wants to help make change and start more conversations in this space was truly heartwarming.

I have faced my own battles being in the construction industry for 11 years, from leaving school at just 17 to then entering a world in the trade that is male dominated and deep rooted in its ways. As a young woman I was terrified that I would be spat out of the industry very quickly.

It definitely wasn’t an easy journey and I definitely had many moments of defeat and questioned my decisions. Throughout my time in the trade I was faced with challenges I didn't want to take on, however due to circumstances they fell into my lap and I had to pick them up. I felt under qualified and completely out of my depth, my mental health took a beating and I burnt out multiple times. I visited many psychs, doctors and anyone who would listen as I was at rock bottom. My position then was General Manager of an electrical company with 15+ staff at just 24 years old. I made mistakes, I definitely let people down but continued to show up and be vulnerable in my position. I believe this helped me survive what was an extremely unexpected part of my career.

As I navigated my way through how to run a business, we continued to struggle as a family behind the scenes with the battles of mental health, I fell back into conversations with TradeMutt for continued support and they have always been there.

When COVID hit in 2020 especially in Victoria, lives were completely changed again. Mum and I decided it was time to raise our voice and talk about the struggles we faced being carers of someone struggling, as we felt lost in a space that wasn’t supported. Again I reached out to TradeMutt as they were a constant and we made a plan to raise some funds and start some conversations for the carers. We successfully raised $17k for TIACS by walking a length of the Victorian coastline and started multiple important conversations and heard many stories that touched us deeply.

I took some time to volunteer during COVID as I have always wanted to ensure I can help those who are struggling. I continued to see first hand how alone some people feel, so I decided to complete my crisis training with Lifeline. After work I would spend time being a crisis support volunteer. This filled my cup and made me realise I have a passion for helping communities.

When the opportunity came up to join the TradeMutt team it meant a lot of changes for me, literally moving interstate and stepping away from a job that was the only thing I have known for 11 years, as well as difficult conversations with those I loved most letting them know that I wouldn't be around as often as I have been...

I once again have been faced with the fear that I am under qualified but also know I'm moving into a supportive team and space I am passionate about. This has helped settle some of my nerves.

I am now working in a role that will allow me to spread the message further, support the current TradeMutt community, collaborate with amazing people, share parts of my story with you and work with a brand that truly cares about what they are doing and the people they are reaching.

I hope in being vulnerable in sharing parts of my story, following my passion and being present at TradeMutt I will be able to connect with the community and continue to advocate for the importance of the TradeMutt message.



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