Bin Chicken

Bin Chicken

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The humble white ibis.

The humble white ibis.

Native to Australia despite some distant Egyptian cousins, the Bin Chicken gets its name from its favourite new smoko spot: wherever you put your scraps.

You’ll find ’em just about everywhere there are people by the water in Australia, from Fremantle to Castle Hill, making friends with other wildlife as pictured in the print. Its best buddies are the scavenging seagull with whom they time share a place in Noosa during the summer. In the cooler months, the Bin Chicken retreats into the Australian heartland where it runs a rotating series of bush doofs with local kangaroos.

When the Bin Chicken’s not living it large, eating whatever it wants, and making new pals all around the country, it’s graciously sitting for our print portrait painters. The Bin Chicken’s happy with our new TradeMutt print. He was hard to please.

Stay safe with orange day/night hi vis featuring golden TradeMutt fries, the iconic ibis, a kangaroo whose name we couldn’t decide on, and seagulls whose cawing over the tides you can hear even just looking at them. Keep warm with Bin Chicken hoodies and tracksuit with the print on the inside plus a special edition hi vis hoodie for long nights in the cold. As always, shop classic TradeMutt full print shirts in long and short sleeves for men and women.

Talk about iconic...

You legends were keen on this print! It flew out the door even faster than a bin chicken towards the lunch that you're chowin down right now.

Maybe that's because our models Shaelyn Korn and Cody Smit looked so good in it.

Huge thanks too to Lendlease for letting us shoot, in controlled conditions with safety officers present, on the incredible new QPAC extension.

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