Adventure Leopard

Adventure Leopard

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Welcome to the jungle.

We’ve got conversation starters.

Venture into the foliage with us to find the flavour of a good life well-lived. We’re hunting for the curious, for what’s exciting, for what’s next: Adventure. That’s days on the water, finishing off big jobs you’re proud of, and road trips with the friends and fam.

With our new Adventure Leopard print, start conversations about what you’re looking forward to, where you’re going, and what you hope to find. Embrace the thrill and, from your adventure, come back home with a great new story to share.

The first TradeMutt print distributed exclusively from our very own warehouse out in Darra, Adventure Leopard gave us a bit of an excuse to make some sexy social videos for a laugh. Check 'em out at your own risk.

Models Jasmin Cash and Lachlan Church rep this print too, having shot it the same afternoon as Golden Hour.

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