Golden Hour

Golden Hour

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Golden Hour...

That fleeting moment of beauty as the sun rises to light up the day and sets again after the hard work is done. The time of day when you arrive on site, tools at the ready, extension leads uncoiled and you reach for your phone to snap a story of the gold through the scaffolding and the trees; #notherdaynotherdollar

It’s the other end too - as the sun sets and the pack down is complete after a couple of hours of overtime to get the job done. Every day between those two golden hours is a golden opportunity to make some magic happen. To ply your skills and work with your hands to bring an idea to life.

Inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian's Cubist designs, Golden Hour is a celebration of the start and end of the day when you can reflect on how much you've managed to do. 

Models Jasmin Cash and Lachlan Church crushed the brief for this monthly print release, our first campaign shot with local photographer Laz Smith

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