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Sitting around a fire has a unique way of inspiring conversation, learning and a sense of community, so what better way to spend the winter months than by recreating that feeling and bringing those yarns to work by wearing TradeMutt’s new Bonfire collection!


Hold up there Hotshot and don’t get too close to the bonfire because you look like hot sh*t! This outrageous shirt is all about owning the fact that you are up for anything and willing to talk to anyone.


Catch ya on the Flipside legend! Our TradeMutt community is full of people who bring so many different perspectives to the conversations we have and we are bloody grateful to have a space where we can always look on the flipside!


The F.A.F been around since the beginning for one simple reason, it is funky as f*ck! But we’ve brought it back because it also says “friendly and familiar”, so get ready to have some conversations because you’re everyone’s oldest mate in this beauty!