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Mixed Signals

Sometimes to go forward you have to take two steps back, then another step back, one to the side and then you look around and realise that you’re a bit lost. That’s how it felt at TradeMutt for the first half of 2022. Sometimes the best laid plans get thrown into chaos by things outside of our control, but that’s ok, because the only constant in life is change and the sooner we get comfortable with that, the more resilient we become. So we say, bugger it! Embrace the Mixed Signals, step into the unknown and keep on going.


Does the sun ever really set? Or is it always shining bright while we spin around it? The Horizons print is a reminder that every day is a new opportunity to make mistakes, try again, learn and grow. The TradeMutt crew are no strangers to stuff ups, only to dust ourselves off and try again with the new day. Just as the sun goes down, it will soon rise again, and so will you.


Taken a few Detours this year and feeling like you only just made it through in one piece? Yeah, we feel ya. This year has been one test after another for team TradeMutt and there were a few moments there where it wasn’t all fun and games. But we know we weren’t the only ones feeling it. You get me? It’s hard to see the other side but once you make it out, it doesn’t feel like it did when you were in it. We’re try to remain cool, calm and collected and keep on ‘Galaughin’.