Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

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For every job that needs doing and every task to get done

There’s some lessons to learn before work has begun

For the magic of tradies to bring any job to life

There’s a book full of rules to avoid ending in strife

The mistakes we’ve all seen that cost time and money

Much easier to avoid and very rarely are they funny

The key to success is that knowledge is power

On site or in life and those thoughts in the shower

So roll up roll up, gather round here we go

Open up your mind and prepare for it to grow

No matter your craft, whether shovel or spade

Pay attention, listen close to the Tricks of the Trade

Magic Mirror

This shirt is simple - it was designed to reflect the magical power that exists in every tradies hands. No matter your particular craft, every tradie brings a unique set of skills and applies them to a blank canvas to create a piece of art. It’s like looking into a magic mirror. Nothing in this world exists without the power of a tradie. It’s not an accident. It’s a masterpiece. Simply magic!  

The Ringmaster

No matter the trick and no matter the trade, the show must go on. Every new creation needs a ringmaster to help bring it all to life. Someone who can see the vision inside and out and has the control to harness the magic of tradies. The ringmaster’s job is the most important job of the lot. Whatever the trick, whatever the trade, it’s the ringmaster’s task to get the job made.

Juggling Act

Some jobs run smooth, others are an absolute circus, but one thing is for sure - every job is a juggling act. The juggling act celebrates the unique set of skills that every tradie brings to the show. Just like the acrobats and aerial trapeze, when performed in unison, the show delights and surprises, but when a tradie slips ups it could all come tumbling down. Every tradie is a performer, and every job is a juggling act.