Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin'

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The simple pleasures.

Friends, family, a fish on the line. Maybe you’re inland during winter fishing in a river or a lake with your breath catching as mist on the frozen air. You might have your toes instead dug deep into the hot sand with the line bobbing on the undulating surf. Perhaps you’re out at sea, on the big blue, rocking with the waves.

Someone old and wise said something ages ago about peace or tranquility or whatever. It feels a lot like those times you’ve gone fishin’. When you’ve cast a line and you’re chatting about nothing while you wait for something to nibble.

Something’s biting now. Go on legend, reel it in.

Reely, reely good.

Maybe our most explosive print yet — you legends cleared us out of it quick smart. Our orange hi vis Gone Fishin' workshirt was gone on day two! Models Sean Cairns and Hayley Buckle helped for sure, as always, but you reckon you guys just bloody love a good spot of fishin'.

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