Gone Fishin' Reading Spraywall/Splatter 1 minute Next Razzle Dazzle

We're Musterin' here folks.

Spraywall and Splatter were our exclusive prints in men's and women's workwear for the 2023 Gympie Music Muster.

Dan, Ed, and Banksy from TIACS took these prints up north in August 2023 to get Musterin' in the dirt and kick up a huge groundswell of support for TradeMutt up there for the third year in a row.

Check out more about our Gympie Muster adventure with this series of adventurous vlogs over on our YouTube channel.

Outstanding in their field.

How good do models Sean Cairns and Hayley Buckle look here out in the urban-rural fields of Oxley Creek Common? What legends.

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