Party Animals

Party Animals

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It’s knock off somewhere.

Become a Party Animal yourself with TradeMutt’s newest print. A collaboration with bloody good visual artist BrightSide Kyle, our newest workwear and casual collection is a celebration of the summer that’s just about to arrive. Don’t knock off for the rest of the year already. But do remember to keep it as cool as you can. Sun’s out, guns out, and 3pm ticking closer and closer.

See you legends poolside. Don’t forget the snags.

Party time.

For nearly six years of selling work shirts, and the countless photoshoots that takes, we've never been rained out... until on this shoot. We got thirty minutes into the thing out at the Komatsu site in Wacol here in southwest Brissy before the skies opened up on us. Not ideal. 

But our models managed to save the day, making the print look great as always. Sean Cairns, a regular 2023 model is there on the left, you'll recognise Jasmin Cash in the middle, and Hayley Higgins on the right hand side there was a fun new addition to the model roster. Would you believe she's a truckie? Hard to believe, hey.

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