Austin Flowers

Austin Flowers

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Groovy, baby!

If the International Man of Mystery needed any help starting conversations, this is what he’d wear. Celebrate an old-school summer of love with these throwback ultralightweight workshirts perfect for partying away the rest of the year. It’s been a big one, legends, you deserve it.

These workshirts are made ultralight at 110gsm cotton so they’re softer, breathier, and better for beating the heat you’ll be causing every time you walk in a room. Oh, behave!

Models Sean Cairns and Jazmin Cash make the Austin Flowers pop here out at the Komatsu site in Wacol, Brisbane. Like Party Animals and Where's Wallaby, all shot on the same day, this is the only shoot we've ever had washed out! With models this good you can't tell though. How good.

The lightweight 110gsm cotton was a hit too so it will be back a heat beater in future summer collections.

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