Where's Wallaby

Where's Wallaby

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There he is.

Can you spot the local legends in this new workwear print that recreates the nostalgic hidden picture book memories from our childhoods? The more you can spot, the more conversations you can start.

How good.

Models Hayley Higgins and Sean Cairns rep the gear here on the other side of the warehouse at which we also shot Party Animals and Austin Flowers. The rain eased up for us to make for this beautiful tarmac backdrop but we had to get in quick!

What about scrubs?

Ever since we released our first range of scrubs in Rainbow Road in July 2023, we had a ton of requests for another run in a new print. Where's Wallaby was the print we chose and they finally arrived in December 2023. Nurses across the country were stoked with their new conversation starters, made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex so they breathe a bit.

Model Madalynne Smith, a working nurse, makes them sing here at a photoshoot at Brisbane's iconic Powerhouse.

Stay tuned for more scrubs in new prints!

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