G’day Legend,

Welcome to the seventh volume of the TradeMutt Yarn, legends. In this edition, we’re gonna introduce you to some of the legends in our community straight from our Facebook group The Mutt Hutt. If you haven’t joined it yet, just search for it on Facebook and ask to join. We’ll accept your invite and then, boom, you’re in. Treat this like an invitation to do just that. In the meantime, enjoy this edition of the Yarn. And if you’re going to the Gympie Music Muster this year, we’ll see you there! Cheers legends, the TradeMutt team.

Thanks legends, Dan, Ed, and the TradeMutt team

The shit we live by

It’s a new financial year and we’ve just made our biggest ever donation to TIACS. So naturally we’re looking ahead to how we can make an even bigger impact this financial year and give TIACS even more money next year.

Our department heads got together in June to plan out our core values for the next financial year. And we wanted you legends to know what they are. If we’re ever not meeting one of these values, tell us. We live by this shit.

TradeMutt’s Values

We give a f**k.

Quite simply, we do. Ed and Dan have busted their arses, working 16 hours a day 7 days a week on the tools to get TradeMutt off the ground. They’ve flown by the seat of their pants into two industries they knew nothing about. They’ve laughed, they’ve cried, and at times they thought they couldn’t keep going. But they figured it out. Where others would have given up, Ed and Dan kept going because they give a fuck. They give a fuck about our mission and the lives TradeMutt’s impacted. As a business, we give a fuck about our team and our people. And we give a fuck about our role in the industry and every action as a result that we can take to show that we care.

The weirder the better.

Weird is good. From people and personalities to creative and content ideas to product improvement suggestions, there is no normal. The only limits to weirdness are within the boundaries of achieving our business objectives.

Create strong connections through vulnerability.

The entire premise of TradeMutt is to spark human connection through meaningful conversations. Vulnerability is real, raw, and honest. People appreciate that. Strong connections are formed that way. And strong connections are at the heart of what we do here at TradeMutt every day.

Build trust through transparency.

Clear, honest, open communication creates professional trust. Good, bad, or ugly there is no challenge we can’t overcome through efficient transparency.

If we can, we must.

If we identify an action that will improve TradeMutt, the people within it, or the community around us, then we take up the challenge to do it. We think outside of our roles and we go the extra mile to take up the challenge to do more.

Enjoy the journey of making a difference.

Every day is a new challenge. Every day we have wins, challenges, or a difficulty out of nowhere. Some days are fun, others are stressful, but if this shit was easy everyone would be doing it. Through every process here at TradeMutt we’re collectively making a real and genuine impact on people’s lives. That’s pretty cool. So we can’t forget to keep our eyes on the bigger picture and enjoy our individual journeys as part of the greater journey of making a difference.

Yarns from the Mutthutt

Submitted from the community


Gday legends. Wearing these shirts everyday starts a lot of conversations. Just last week whist getting my lunch I had a group of tradies ask me what’s with the funky shirts. So gave them the spill about what trademutt is about and what Tiacs offers. After showing them photos of my collection one of them said “these really are a conversation starter”. So I did a little spin and showed them the logo on the back. “No way” they said! Put a smile on everyone’s face.

Ruth M Jensen

I wore my kickass shirt all the way through my chemo and radiotherapy journey. I felt empowered wearing it and always started a conversation.. My bestie Sue Ward gifted it to me..Sue wears hers proudly daily to work each ..But that’s her yarn to tell.

Therese & John McCabe

Our Conservation Council held an end-of-year event at the Capricorn Caves. I wore a TM workshirt for the bushfire recovery work. The FBA photographer was giving me nice smiles, then came over to ask about the shirt. Good chance to tell the TIACS story. Close to Xmas, great for gifts. We’ve won over another mutter + family + workteam!!! Anyone who has a heart loves the cause.

Jimmy & Rosco

Last weekend we attended the annual Middlemount Races and much to our delight the boys won best dressed handler and Dachshund for the second year running (also the second time wearing TradeMutt). We just buy an extra shirt or buff and turn it into something for the dashie. Always a crowd favourite and a great conversation starter! Looking forward to next years colours!

Dave F Brown

Just a little background … 34 years with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as an Area Manager, Ranger, Remote Area Firefighter … Medically Retired 10years ago with Chronic workplace PTSD issue(s) ~ been through the ‘washing machine’ and back !! … still a bit ‘bashed up’ but now a viable, working human again.

Jim Melgert

As I’m retired now 18mts I still wear my TM shirts everywhere and get asked there pretty bright & loud. I just say read the back and the small tag on the front YNWA They ask whats it mean so tell them about it tell them about TIACS just tell them Google TradeMutt easiest way but like talking to people face to face about it and thank you Tayla Barnhill for telling me what it’s all about can’t wait for summer to get new tee’s.

Mate, how are you really going?

Talk TIACS today.

Whatever it is you might be going through, you don’t have to tough it out alone.

TIACS provides FREE and confidential mental health counselling to tradies, truckies, rural, blue collar workers and those that care about them Australia wide. Call or text 0488 846 988 Mon – Fri 8am -10pm AEST.

Here are four reasons you might call TIACS:

You’re struggling and you need some support.

You know someone else struggling and you want advice on how to support them.

Everything’s going along well but you could do with a tune up.

You’re just interested in knowing how a phone counselling service works.

Here are some stories from legends who have called TIACS and why they loved it.  Jump on and give the legends at TIACS a call or text today! TIACS is the mental health support service that people tell their mates about.

“Connecting with TIACS made me realise that doing it alone is not the way to go. Us blokes sometimes think sharing is weak but it’s not, it’s actually brave. I was so angry which didn’t get me anywhere.  People around me just gave me answers. I didn’t want advice. I needed someone to listen and to ask the right questions. I won’t being doing it alone again and I thank TIACS for being there when I needed them.”

“I now know where to go if I need to talk again in the future.”

“There’s always ups and downs in life but being able to talk to someone and open up isn’t as hard as I thought.”

“I’ve learnt through having chats with my counsellor that I have a chance to learn and appreciate the good days.”

“Trying to find the right support is tough. It took ages and was difficult, whenever I did find a place available I had to wait ages to get an appointment.”

“I heard about TIACS at work and gave them a call. It was so easy to book in and get started.”

“I’m so thankful for the support I received from TIACS. I was seeing someone else and they said I wouldn’t need any further support but I knew that I did. I’m glad I heard about TIACS from work.”

“I’ll be forever grateful.”


Uniformity: it’s a terrible word.

Sure, it has a certain rolling charm to it’s syllable structure, but let’s face it, nobody really wants to blend in while wearing TradeMutt!

We’re all about starting conversations, and that really works best when you’re allowed to stand out in the crowd.

This is why, as we lead in towards the end of a challenging 2023, we’ve got one final challenge for business owners and team leaders who are considering getting their crew involved with Funky Shirt Fridays: get a wild funky mix of patterns, instead of just one.

I know, I know... you’re thinking “Shannen, you mouthy dunce, you absolute pancake, how can it be a uniform, if everyone is wearing a different pattern?”

Well my aggressive friend, I’ve got a second word for you to consider, that also has a certain rolling percussive charm to it’s syllable construction: Embroidery.

That’s right, simply ask us to bust out the sewing needles, and embroider your logo above the left hand pocket, prior to dispatching your mixed pattern order, and bingo bango, you’ve got a set of diverse, contrasting, conversation starting workshirts, allowing you to jump on board with any and all of our new exciting collection prints as they are released, without breaking continuity.

It’s a no-brainer really! Don’t be boring – Mix it up! (Sasha, is that 200 words yet?)

By Shannen Cooper - National Sales Manager

Note from the Editor: No Shannen, it’s 227.

How do TradeMutt & TIACS work together?

Legends, we asked The Mutt Hutt recently how many people knew what the deal was between TradeMutt and TIACS. 30% of the people we asked didn’t know and 10% hadn’t even heard of TIACS. Our bad. How it works is like this:

  1. Dan and Ed co-founded TradeMutt in 2018 and TIACS in 2020.
  2. TradeMutt sells conversation starting workshirts and donates 50% of its profits to TIACS.
  3. TIACS is a free, professional mental health counselling service for tradies, truckies, farmers or any blue collar worker and their families.

That means that 50% of the profit of the shirts (or accessories) you bought to receive this Yarn have funded free access to mental health support. Text or call TIACS today on 0488 846 988.


Aries: Your hard hat will clash perfectly with your stubborn refusal to ask for directions, leading you to “accidentally” build a new highway through someone’s backyard.

Taurus: Today, your determination to finish that project will be matched only by your dedication to making the coffee machine brew stronger than concrete.

Gemini: Mercury’s retrograde might explain why you accidentally sent a cement mixer to the office, but hey, at least your colleagues will have a solid foundation for team bonding.

Cancer: Remember, Crab, hammering thumbs is a rite of passage, but maybe consider investing in thumb guards before the construction site thinks you’re trying to start a percussion band.

Leo: Your welding skills will shine as you expertly fuse together excuses for being late with stories about mythical traffic jams only you seem to encounter.

Virgo: Your meticulous attention to detail will be put to the test when you discover that the plans you’ve been following were actually for a birdhouse, not a skyscraper.

Libra: Balancing life and work is crucial, but maybe stop using your lunch break to settle debates about the best brand of duct tape for holding up sagging pants.

Scorpio: This week, your mysterious aura will have coworkers wondering if you possess hidden talents or if you’re just really good at hiding from the boss.

Sagittarius: Your optimism will be challenged when your attempts to convince your ute that “four-wheel drive” means “can swim” leave you stranded in an unexpectedly deep puddle.

Capricorn: While ambition drives you, remember that wearing a tie to a welding job is like bringing a briefcase to a paintball match—impractical and a bit flashy.

Aquarius: Your innovative approach to problem-solving will be celebrated, especially when you figure out how to turn a toolbox into a makeshift BBQ grill for those impromptu lunch breaks.

Pisces: Your dreamy nature takes a practical turn as you navigate intricate pipe mazes, proving that even daydreamers can find their way out of a plumbing puzzle.