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G’day Legends,

Welcome to the eighth edition of The TradeMutt Yarn. In the seventh volume we introduced you to The Mutt Hutt, our Facebook community full of deadset legends just like you. This time around, we’re going to introduce you to a bunch of the friendly faces you’ll see a lot of in The Mutt Hutt. They don’t bite so come say g’day. By the next edition of the Yarn it’ll be 2024 (unreal!) so from all of us here at TradeMutt we hope you have a wicked Christmas and a bloody good New Year.

- Dan, Ed, and the TradeMutt team

It’s Official: world’s best facebook group

So you’ve bought a TradeMutt shirt, you’re out there starting conversations, and you’re making the invisible issue of tradie mental health impossible to ignore. You might even be slowly persuading everyone around you to turn Funky Shirt Friday into Funky Shirt Everyday. But where do you go to meet other Mutters? (That’s what we call the legends that buy our shirts.)

Sure, you can start a conversation with them when you run into them but not everyone gets it (at least, not yet).

That’s what we made The Mutt Hutt for.

For Mutters, for fanatics, for the curious. For legends like James Hobbs over in Perth, who has every shirt TradeMutt’s ever made and wears TradeMutt every single day — including as the best man at his best mate’s wedding; like Bron Manning with her conversation starting hair and her regional postie route who checks in every day; like Kate Allen and Pam Cochran and even members of the TradeMutt team getting in amongst it.

Don’t just take our word for how good it is though:

I love the support that the group gives, have helped me a lot to keep going with my course, and I am just so grateful and thankful to everyone that wears the shirts proudly,

- Sara Gilbert.

Every time you wear a TradeMutt shirt you’re helping build Australia’s largest blue collar community. The Mutt Hutt is the social media extension of that community and it’s tighter knit than a comments section about grandma’s sewing.

Whether you’re a tradie, a tradie’s family member, or you just love the funky workshirts — The Mutt Hutt is your new home for everything TradeMutt. Join us. Just search ‘The Mutt Hutt’ on Facebook. 

Mutters’ inner sanctum

We asked the legends in The Mutt Hutt to put in their own words what they love so much about the place. It rocks, they reckon, for a ton of reasons. Find out what they had to say below.

Bron, can you tell us about a particularly memorable time that you started a conversation with someone that mattered?

“Today!!!! Today I cracked a joke, with a work colleague - about ADHD ADD etc as he was going to an appointment……

He said well actually, that is exactly why I am going! I’ve blown so many chances, I should not even be alive, though I am - now I am going to seek help! So I apologised 10000 times, then told him WHY I wear these shirts and caps EVERYDAY! I gave him my number and address (he lives close) I told him he ALWAYS has a safe space with us! Any time - day or night! Then I gave him TIACS’ number and told him about them.

So many people on The Mutt Hutt, have reached out to me when they sensed I was struggling, I just want to help, anyone that ever needs help!”

Tanya, what is it about TradeMutt that you love so much?

“Starts so many conversations anywhere and everywhere you are seen wearing it. People ask about the shirt and its awesome the awareness that men’s mental health is getting through such a simple thing like wearing a shirt.”

Rachel, can you tell us about a particularly memorable time that you started a conversation with someone that mattered?

“It was in W.A. Port Hedland the office staff were mesmerised with the different patterns on all my shirts, the story of the start up of TradeMutt about mental health had related to them because of either personal experience or friends or relatives of theirs, I had talked to a lot of people and that’s the most conversations I had.

I had in the past many years ago completed a mental health course and colours were a healthy structure to a positive outcome which has always been a favourite of mine and when I just happened to find TradeMutt in 2019, the best days of wearing TradeMutt shirts was forged.”

Kate, what is it about TradeMutt that you love so much?

“Love seeing the reg faces & where they are, the newbies, & the varieties of shirts I’ve never seen before. Love to see how many times a week Bron Manning gets her face on line & being a part of a great community who does their best to start conversations & engage with others to help with their mental health & their own, & make new friends too.”
Can you tell us about a particularly memorable time that you started a conversation with someone that mattered?

“Yes, once the first time I went out with my current partner Charlie and saw his shirt work with a guy in Lorne . And recently in FNQ on the Conquer the Corrugation Walk. Met a young girl with issues and started a new friendship with her.”

Michael, can you tell us a time that you started a conversation with someone that mattered?

“An electrician at a site was trying to tease me about my brightly coloured shirt until I explained what it was about, he later came and spoke to me about how he also finds tradie life hard, and now feels he has someone who understands what he is going through too. We also became good friends.”

Deb, can you tell us about a particularly memorable time that you started a conversation with someone that mattered?

“I have 2 sons and 3 grandsons. My partner wears TradeMutt every day, we’ve had many conversations about mental health, we both know people who have lost their battle, so since meeting him and getting to know about Trade Mutt, I fully support the cause, have shared it with all the men in my life and have started my own collection, Party Animal is my first of many to come.”

Ash, what’s been your favourite TradeMutt print to date?

“I honestly don’t have a fav, but I love the fact that even when I am shivering my tits off there is still the winter warmers.”

And, where did you start a conversation?

“There have been several. But overall, what has been so pleasing is seeing my followers become Mutters, and many of them. And I often get a message saying, heh, I had my shirt on today and it started a conversation. When I did the whacky shirt Wed, I was thrilled that so many of my followers jumped on board with it. So it is these multiplications of the conversations that give me a real buzz.”

Daniel, what is it about TradeMutt that you love so much?

“The heart and spirit of the organisations.”

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable time that you started a conversation with someone that mattered?

“Our entire team wears TradeMutt EVERY day, as a uniform. We are constantly telling people about the shirts history, and promoting TIACS. Personally, I have had 3 conversations about tradie mental health this week, and it’s only Tuesday. When a new team member comes on board, they have to wait the 3 months probation period to get the shirts (Our company provides them), and it is seen as a privilege to wear them. Ed and Dan may have created something of an addiction - I have a HUGE collection.”

Lisa, what is it about TradeMutt that you love so much?

“The Story behind the initial ideas of two Top Tradie Blokes ~Dan & Ed~ Awesome Logo !!

From Little things, BIG things GROW <3 Focus has remained on making an invisible issue impossible to ignore, with ongoing, reliable & honest support <3 Great sense of humours :-) Ohhh,, and the funky designs and cool limited edition items. AND keeping it real :-)”

Where have you used your TradeMutt shirt to start a conversation?

“I would consider myself an all round advocate for the TradeMutt story and all that it represents. I eagerly share TIACS & YNWA meaning every opportunity I can get and continue to spread the word via our Hire A Hubby Network & beyond. Our Team and Adult Kids are all proud owners of various TradeMutt gear. We all LOVE IT !! Proud to wear TradeMutt when I do and share the good vibes when & where I can. Even on the cloudy days.... the bright, fun & funky colours can bring out the SMILES!”

What’s the go with Custom Shirts?

If you’re a TradeMutt fan, you may have seen a few designs getting about that were never advertised through our website, and you may be thinking “Oi. Shan. Champ. What’s the go? You guys holdin out on us, brah? Huh? We gonna have a problem here chief?”

Whoah there boss, slow down. What you’ve probably seen is one of the many Custom designs TradeMutt has produced across the years, specifically for groups, businesses and organisations who have reached out via our Custom order page on the website.

Let me explain:

For orders of 300 or more shirts per style, we can actually create a bespoke TradeMutt pattern, designed to champion your company, featuring brand colours, industry references, and ultimately, visual storytelling opportunities for you and your team to wear with pride, when starting conversations in the course of doing business.

This isn’t the quickest process, mind you, so it’s best to give yourself some lead time if you’re looking to roll something like this out.

Now, I know what you’re gonna say…

“300 shirts Shan?! In this economy mate? What do you take me for, Coates storage? Where am I gonna fit these things?!”

Firstly, is everything ok? You are running a bit hot today my friend, I’m worried about you.

Second, reach out if you’re keen to engage your wider workplace with this opportunity, as we’ll be keen to help! We love seeing folks wearing our designs and authentically engaging with our proposition – Custom designs allow us to produce something that is more about you, and we genuinely love being able to make something special and unique for our customers.

Get in touch!

Impact Update

Hey legends, Ed here.

Just a quickie to share an amazing story we received a few weeks ago.

“I took the lunch bag to work on Wednesday and it started a conversation and potentially saved a work mate’s life. We were on smoko and the boys were giving me heaps for how outgoing, loud, stupid and bright my bag was. One of the boys was quieter than usual so I asked him if he was okay and he just kind of nodded and went back to work.

At lunch, the same bloke asked me what I meant by a conversation starter and I explained what TradeMutt was and who you bloody legends are. My work mate came up to me the next day at lunch while no one was around and said to me, “Thank you for saving my life and bringing your overly bright and outgoing lunch box to work, I’ve gotten in contact with one of the TIACS counsellors and they’ve saved me.”

Thank you guys for being so bloody awesome and helping others, you guys have saved me and thousands of others. Keep up the great work legends!”

This made our day. We hope it made yours.

Remember: if you or anyone you know wants to speak to a TIACS counsellor today simply text or call
0488 846 988.

Have an epic day!

Ed, Dan, and the TradeMutt team.