The Mutt Hub is designed with you in mind, our goal is to produce fact-driven, audio, visual and written media in our signature no-bullshit voice that makes people feel less alone and that they are part of the TradeMutt community.

TradeMutt Radio is hosted by two Aussie tradies that put down the tools and embarked on a mission to change the face of mental health in Australia by using bright and funky work wear as a way to start conversations and make an invisible issue impossible to ignore. Ed Ross and Dan Allen take a colourful spin on blue collar mental health sharing yarns from under the TradeMutt bonnet, hearing from mutters first hand and taking a dive into relevant topics from from their own perspective while also leaning on the expertise of mental health professionals from their not for profit, TIACS.

At TradeMutt we have always been about making the invisible issue of mental health impossible to ignore with our colourful, conversation starting workwear. However, as the brand and in turn our community has grown, so has our responsibility to provide resources that help facilitate and nurture the conversations that we start.