Custom Eyres By Shamir Hi Vis Work Shirts
Custom Eyres By Shamir Hi Vis Work Shirts

Custom Eyres By Shamir Hi Vis Work Shirts

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What's the name of your business?

Shamir Australia Pty Ltd (Brand - Eyres)

What does your business do? What goods or services do you sell?

We make prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear

How many employees do you have? (You can ballpark)


Where is the majority of your work as a business performed? eg. in Queensland, in Australia, in the Pilbara, etc.


Why has your organisation committed to producing a custom TradeMutt garment?

We are always looking for community awareness programs align with our values and things that are important to us as a company. We are passionate about mental health, but we also really loved the message of starting the conversation - particularly in a space where mental health may not be a 'hot topic' of conversation. It was important to us that we get behind something that makes a positive impact, and as an Australian made business, we also wanted something local. The Trademutt brand and mission fit everything we were looking for.

What outcomes are you expecting from rolling out your new TradeMutt custom print?

Ideally, I was to see our shirts out and about - getting the conversation started. I would love to see someone on a job site or on my way to work and say 'Hey! that's us!' I hope that it helps people in our Eyres community join in with the Trademutt community, starting conversations around mental health and building a strong network of support. I hope we get to see our designs become a part of the building blocks to support the foundations Trademutt have built

What other proactive steps is your business taking towards starting conversations about mental health?

We have our own free internal mental health support services for all staff, we participate in a lot of charity and fund raising events such as the push up challenge and the Step Up challenge. We are a global company so we get to share our projects and messages around the world and collaborate with many different countries to spread awareness. We also provide paid days off for staff to participate in charity work.

How did you find the TradeMutt custom workwear development process?

I actually saw the Trademutt ute overtake me on my way home one day and thought the artwork was cool so i googled the business. within a week i was in the office proposing we do something with you :)

Would you recommend a TradeMutt custom print to other businesses? Why/why not?

Absolutely - and DO! I tell everyone about Trademutt, ask them if they've seen the gear, explain what its about. I even asked all my friends to get some so we can join you next time you go to the Gympie Muster. Everyone I know has/ does struggle with mental illness and it bothers me that men in particular feel that they cant talk to anyone. I know the trades industry isn't just a male space, but it's still pretty heavily weighted that way... most of my mates are tradies and I know they feel like its not 'tough' to talk about their stuff, that's why i recommend you. Your message is pivotal in building a safe space for people who otherwise would go noticed and i'm here for it.

Every purchase helps to fund TIACS. Through TradeMutt products we have funded hours of free mental health support.

This support is enabled by to offer a FREE text, chat and call back service staffed by mental health clinicians.

Open 8am-10pm AEST Mon-Fri.

Funded hours of free mental health support

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