Custom Live Life Build Work Shirt
Custom Live Life Build Work Shirt

Custom Live Life Build Work Shirt

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What's the name of your business?

Live Life Build

What does your business do? What goods or services do you sell?

LIVE LIFE BUILD is co-founded by builder, Duayne Pearce + architect, Amelia Lee. We help and teach custom residential builders how to improve their projects, businesses and lives. We do this via our blog, online courses and group mastermind.

We're on a mission to elevate the professionalism of the residential construction industry, and help everyone enjoy building and renovating homes.

How many employees do you have?

2, plus a team of contractors

Where is the majority of your work as a business performed?


Why has your organisation committed to producing a custom TradeMutt garment?

We are Alliance partners with TIACS and have been on the TradeMutt journey since it first began. We and our members regularly wear TradeMutt gear and believe in creating an environment that enables everyone to feel comfortable to be open about their challenges and mental health, and get the support they need. We wanted to create a unique shirt that our members could wear with pride, celebrating their commitment to learning and growth with Live Life Build, and also supporting the work that TradeMutt and TIACS do so well.

What outcomes are you expecting from rolling out your new TradeMutt custom print?

People seeing our commitment to the industry and to mental health. Our members being able to wear their membership. And a physical demonstration of our long-term partnership with the work of TIACS.

What other proactive steps is your business taking towards starting conversations about mental health?


We've created a incredibly safe, supporting, encouraging community where our members feel comfortable to share what they're going through and can be vulnerable about their challenges. No one is alone.

We have the amazing TIACS Counsellor, Kurt Everard, presenting regularly to our members to provide them with tools and strategies to support their mental health, and also that of their team, family, etc.

We are an Alliance Partner with TIACS because we believe so strongly in the work it does and the service it provides.

We teach everything based on our 6P Methodology, and our first P is Personal. We teach our members that if they're not right, nothing is. We want them to work on themselves, take care of themselves and prioritise their own wellbeing, so they can be better builders, business owners and people for their family and friends.

How did you find the TradeMutt custom workwear development process?

Long, but worthwhile.

Would you recommend a TradeMutt custom print to other businesses? Why/why not?

Yes - it's been brilliant to see the design come to life in the finished shirts, and we're super excited to be gifting these to our members, and seeing them out in the world!!

Every purchase helps to fund TIACS. Through TradeMutt products we have funded hours of free mental health support.

This support is enabled by to offer a FREE text, chat and call back service staffed by mental health clinicians.

Open 8am-10pm AEST Mon-Fri.

Funded hours of free mental health support

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