Great, Now That We Have Your Attention

Great, Now That We Have Your Attention

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These colourful work shirts start conversations about mental health.

The print that Dave's wearing in this photo, Rainbow Road, was inspired by the hardest level in Mario Kart. We spent all summer as kids falling off that track. But even when we fell off and fell off and fell off, there was always a little guy in a cloud to put us back in the race.

Talk to TIACS

If you feel like you keep falling off the track with your life, talk to TIACS. This free, same day mental health counselling service has professionals ready to talk to you or a loved one right now.

Text or callΒ 0488 846 988 to start a conversation with a TIACS counsellor.

Support TIACS

To support TIACS, shop TradeMutt workwear. We donate 50% of our profits to TIACS to give tradies, truckies, and blue collar workers free access to TIACS.

TIACS is the mental health service that people tell their mates about.

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