Your Guide to Funky Shirt Friday

Your Guide to Funky Shirt Friday

Step 1:

Wear a funky TradeMutt shirt to work on a Friday, and make a commitment to show a bit of vulnerability.


Step 2:

Start conversations about mental health with your co-workers, and how you approach your own wellbeing / some of the challenges you’ve faced yourself.


Step 3:

Encourage others to open up about their own experiences and be a good listener! Don’t expect to have all the answers, just be present and sympathetic.


Step 4:

If anyone needs to chat about something heavy, private or maybe out of your wheelhouse, LIFT THE POCKET and suggest they scan the QR code, for free, same-day counselling with the team at TIACS.


Bonus Step 5:

Have a laugh, have fun, and make sure you don’t treat anyone differently after they’ve opened up - Mental health is maintenance, it’s a part of everyday life, so let’s treat it that way!



You’re now helping to build a better mental health culture at work, and helping those around you to open up. Well done and remember to take care of yourself too!

Happy Funky Shirt Friday!